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Halloween Pumpkin Stamps

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Product Description
Stamp spooky notes with these 1 1/2" plastic stampers. Print colorful creatures on the pages of your Halloween stories and scrapbook pages! Bats, mummies, pumpkins and more will seal your letters with a haunting feel! (2 dozen per unit)
Product Features
* Set of 24 assorted Halloween design stampers * Size: 1 1/2" * Bats, mummies, pumpkins, ghosts, vampires, spiders. * 2 dozen per unit
-- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
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Variety and Color : Kitchen Idea from Mobalpa

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Who says kitchens can’t engage a lot of creativity? We gathered up for you a set of amazing kitchen designs, of great originality. Each of them is special, so take your time, check out the details and tell us if any of them resemble your dream kitchen. The models come from Mobalpa, a place where you will find various kitchen ideas, as well as purchasing information. You will notice that they are all a huge display of color and fun and that the atmosphere in the pictures is quite vivid and fresh. There are some decorative items that really stand out, like creative pendant lamps, table arrangements or unusually placed spots. We hope you will like the pictures and we are looking forward to your feedback.

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Edil-Italy Give Classy and Luxurious Bathroom Furniture

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We gathered up some interesting photos from Edil-Italy in order to showcase just how glamorous a bathroom can get using the proper decorative items. We particularly like the mirror frames, the classy cupboards, the towel-holders and the wall lamps. But if you look closer, you will notice there is more where they come from. The flowers give the interiors a fresh touch and the mellow colors induce a feeling of warmth. We hope you will find these images helpful and inspiring and we are waiting for you to share with us your own views, appreciations and tastes.

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Christmas Tree by Christian Dior

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The story behind this is that Christian Dior’s creative director, designer John Galliano was asked to come up with a Christmas decoration that will become this holiday’s symbol for the hotel. Now it is possible that people did not expect to see a common Christmas tree in the hallways, but the final result was an absolute surprise. You should also know that this is said to be the first time in the brand’s history when Christian Dior is willing to collaborate in order to create Christmas decorations. And for this time we would like to make an experiment: we will refrain from any opinions on the design and let you give us your honest opinion.

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Idea : Tree with tree pot like giant plant

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Are you looking for some ideas for your garden ? Have you ever tought at a pot for a tree ? Just take a look at these images to see how a tree would look like in a pot. The Treepot can create the illusion that there is actually a pot, but the pot is made out of 2 identical parts.

It can be placed around trees which are already there, so no cutting, chopping otherwise digging is necessary, simply click the 2 parts of the Treepot around it also top up with gravel. The pot also provides a perfect seating place also can be filled with water to weigh it down. The Tree Pot has 120 cm diameter, and 50 cm high, and if you want to order more than 6 pieces they ( PID ) can make it any colour you want.

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New Teen Room Decor From Zalf

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Zalf is an Italian company that produces a variety of furniture for living, bedrooms, home offices and kids & teen spaces. We especially like their solutions for teen’s rooms which immediatley capture the viewer’s attention with their bold lines vibrant colours. Some of these concepts are ideal to be used for shared rooms that allow twin bedding.

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